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People we work with

Our clients are truly brilliant minds with ingenious ideas possibly charged with a sizable market potential – if only they could get their foot in the door. That’s our cue. We offer a comprehensive, outbound SDR/BDR service for growing companies in SaaS, Cloud, Fintech, High-Tech, and related industries.

To them (and possibly you), Amiy is a cost-effective, scalable solution for B2B Business Development and creating a steady BDR pipeline on a calendar with relevant decision-makers.

Why Choose Us

Consumer behavior in the growing netizen population is inevitably pushing government, nonprofit, corporate, and start-up leadership to explore and respond to a causal chain between their organizations and ongoing social changes. 

With our keen insight and understanding of business and social dynamics, we help leaders rethink, reimagine and reshape systems, processes, and relationships and ultimately make a joint impact.


Three people discussing a B2B Business Development strategy

Unique Approach

Our communication strategy and method rely on Human-only interaction, continual SDR training, and a strong emphasis on cold calling wherever appropriate. Once in the execution stage, we perform quality control to ensure you get adequate brand representation with us at all times.

“Working with Amiy for almost a year, they have been essential in helping us to expand on the APAC Market. After trying to collaborate with a few SDRs, we finally found the right one that manages to reach a monthly target on cold outbound. That allows our AE Team to focus on selling while receiving a good amount of discovery calls”

Aurore Dupin-Jarry

Head of global SDR at Aiven

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